Palace to bid for Adam Johnson

The Tottenham Hotspurs have been in a race for the coveted title for a long time, and the club has been actively trying to strengthen its lineup. The Spurs have been trying to get rid of the “Zidane” tag for a while, but they failed to do it. Now, the club is trying to win the title without the ‘Zidanes’, and it is trying not to let the fans down.
Tottenham has been trying not only to get the best players, but also to make a good transfer campaign. The club has already managed to get a number of good players, and now it is looking to get more.
The club is interested in signing the following players:
* Adam Johnson;
* Christian Eriksen;

* Toby Alderweireld;

These players can be used in various positions, and they can be a good addition to the Spurs lineup.

The Spurs are also trying to sign a goalkeeper. The team is interested not only in the goalkeeper, but in the defender too. The goalkeeper is a position that is not very popular in the English Premier League.
However, the Spurs have managed to sign the following goalkeeper:
• Jorginho;

It is worth noting that the club also has the following options:
1. Ben Davies;
3. James McCarthy;
4. Callum Hudson-Odoi.

This is not the last option that the Spurs will look at, as they are also interested in the following:
5. Aaron Wan-Bissaka;
6. Jadon Sancho;
7. Ainsley Murtagh.
This list of players is not limited to the goalkeeper. They are also looking at the defenders, as well as the midfielders.
In order to make the transfer campaign successful, the team needs to have a good selection of players in each of the positions. The Tottenham Hotspur has a good lineup, and if the club continues to strengthen it, it can become one of the main contenders for the title.
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