Mourinho will leave Real Madrid!?

The Portuguese coach has been at the helm of Real for a few years now, and it is already clear that he wants to win the Champions League. However, the club is in a difficult situation, as it is not in the best shape of its own.
The main problem is the lack of motivation of the players, who are not able to demonstrate their maximum. The main reason for this is the transfer ban of the team.
However, the situation is not the worst, as the club can still fight for the title. The team has a good selection of players, and the coach is able to use them in different ways.

The most obvious solution is to replace the Portuguese coach with the Spanish one, who has a long history of winning the Champions Cup. This is a good decision, because the team needs to strengthen its positions.
Will Mourinho leave Real?
The team is in the middle of the Champions league, and Mourinho is one of the main favorites of the tournament. However the Portuguese has not been able to win any trophy of the Old Continent.
It is clear that the coach needs to change, but he is not able yet to demonstrate his maximum. Real Madrid has a lot of problems, and if the team continues to lose points, it will be very difficult for the club to compete for the champion title.
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What to expect from the Champions cup final?
Real Madrid has already won the Champions cups of the past, and this time the team will definitely be able to repeat its triumph. The club has a very good selection, and each player has a specific role to play in the team’s strategy.
In the previous finals, the team won with a score of 4:0, which is a great result. However this time, the Madrid team will be able not only to win, but to do it in a very convincing manner.
This is the main goal of the club, and they have already managed to achieve it in the past. The previous finals were won by Real with a win ratio of 1:2. This time, it is possible to expect a much better result, because Mourinho’ team has already shown that it is able not to lose at all.
If the team manages to win this time in the Champions final, it can be considered as a great achievement for the team, because it is a real chance to win a lot.
Who will win the trophy this time?
This year, the final will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, which has a rich history of the championship. The city is considered the capital of Ukraine, and its fans are very passionate.
Real has a strong lineup, and there is a high probability that the team can win the tournament this time. The Madrid team has the best players in the world, and everyone can see that the players are ready to do their best in any conditions.
There are only a few rounds left, so the club needs to show its maximum in order to be able achieve a good result.
Main contenders for victory
The following teams are considered the main contenders for the victory of the trophy:
1. Barcelona. The Catalans have a good lineup, which can be used in different situations. The coach is confident in the game, and he has already managed not to make mistakes in the previous games.
2. Manchester City. The Mancunians are the main competitors of Real, and their players are able to show their maximum in the match against the team from Madrid.
3. Juventus. The Turin team is a strong contender for the trophy, because they have a great lineup.
4. Napoli. The Italian team has been in the top 4 for a long time, and now it is trying to get into the top 3.
5. Liverpool. The Merseysiders have the best lineup in the league, which will be a real challenge for the rivals.
6. PSG. The Parisians have a strong squad, and will be ready to win in any circumstances.
7. Bayern. The Bavarians have a long winning streak, and can repeat it.
8. Valencia. The players of the Spanish club have already won several trophies.
9. Monaco. The Monaco team has long been considered one of top clubs in the EPL, and is able win the champion’ title. However they have problems with motivation.
10. Barcelona has the strongest lineup in all the Champions, and has already been in this position for a very long time.
All the teams have their chances, and every team can take advantage of the current situation.
Latest results of the matches of the Epl
The EPL is very busy, and many matches are held at the same time. This means that the results of matches are available to you in real time. It is easy to follow the results on the sports statistics website, where the information is updated in real-time.
At the moment, the EFL Cup is the most popular tournament of the English league, because many teams from the top divisions are participating in it. The tournament is held every year, and most of the teams play against each other.

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