Is it fair to call Manchester United a rich team?

It’s been a long time since the Red Devils were at the top of the English Premier League table. But they are still the most expensive team in the world.
It is not the first time that Manchester United has been called a rich club. This is because the team is not a one-man show. It has a number of stars who can play in any position.
The Red Devils are not the only team that has this reputation. Many teams have similar names. For example, Liverpool is called a “poor” team, and Chelsea is called “not so rich”.
However, the fact is that the team has always been able to reach the top. It is because of its strong lineup, good teamwork, and the ability to distribute forces.

The team has a long history of winning the Premier League title. It won the title in the first season in 1878. The team has won the championship a record seven times. The last time the Red devils won the trophy was in the season of 1993-1994.
In the current season, the team will have to do its best to defend the title. The main goal of the team this season is to finish in the top four. This will allow it to enter the Champions League for the next season.
Will Manchester United be able to do this?
This season, Manchester United is in a difficult position. The club has not won the Premier league title for a long period of time. The previous season, it lost to Liverpool.
Also, the Red team is in the middle of the standings. This means that the club needs to win several matches to get to the top-4. However, it is not easy to win the title when the team doesn’t have a good lineup.
Manchester United has a lot of problems. It doesn� ’’nt have a stable lineup. The players often have conflicts with each other. This can lead to serious problems.
For example, the following situations can happen:
1. The coach of the club doesn”t trust his players.
2. The leaders of the Red squad are not playing well.
3. The lack of motivation of the players. They want to win trophies and not to win points.
4. The bad luck of the opponent.
All these factors can lead the team to lose points. If the team loses points, it will not be able finish in top-four.
So, the current situation of the Manchester United team is quite bad. The Red team has not been in the best shape for a very long time. This season, they will have a lot to prove.
Who will be the main contenders for the title?
The main contenders of the title are:
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool.
All of them have a number or stars in their squads. The problem for the Red is that it lacks a number one. The current coach is quite unstable.
This is why the team needs to find a new coach. The new coach will have the task to strengthen the lineup. He will have his own ideas and will try to get the best from his players to win.
There are a lot stars in the lineup of the current Manchester United. The following players can play for the team in different positions:
· “Firmino”;
· “De Gea” and “Pogba” in the center;
“Lampard”, “Rojo” as wing players;
and “Savi” at the defense.
These are the most important positions of the lineup, because the coach can decide who will play in each of them.
If the team wins the Premier championship, it can enter the European Cup. The Champions League is a tournament of the strongest clubs. The English Premier league has a good chance of winning it.
What is the main goal for the club this season?
In general, the main goals of the new coach of Manchester United are the following:
● To get into the Champions league.
● To get a good result in the domestic championship.
That’ll be the most difficult task for the new head coach of United.
Why is the team not in the Champions?
There is a lot that can go wrong for the Manchester team. The most important thing for the coach of this team is to get a result. If he can get a positive result, he will be able not to lose the title to the opponent in the long run.
At the moment, the club is in very difficult situation. The season is not over yet. The results of the previous season are still in the memory of the fans.
One of the main problems of the squad is the lack of a number two. The number two is a player who can help the team win. The position of the number two can be changed by the coach, but it is very important for the current coach to have a reliable number two for the future.
Another problem of the coach is the bad luck. The Manchester United squad has a bad history of losing points. The fans can see this in the results of matches.

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